PBL Curriculum to Support Charter Approval & Implementation

Client: Mary Booker T Academy https://www.mlbla.org/, San Francisco, CA

The Challenge:

Mary L. Booker Academy was undergoing the rigorous process of applying for charter approval and preparing to open its doors. Its Founder planned to implement cutting-edge PBL practices, and wanted to reflect these capabilities in the charter application. Constrained in time and resources, he sought CraftED’s help designing their instructional model of PBL and assisting with the relevant charter application sections. 

The Solution:

I provided an on-demand expert solution to MLBLA. After working closely with the School Founder to understand the Academy’s design principles, I took the reins.

I then:

  • Created PBL course descriptions for the new school’s curriculum, personalized to their model of instruction and aligned to their design principles
  • Consulted in drafting significant charter application language explaining the school’s approach to PBL . 
  • Designed a comprehensive PBL-based scope and sequence and a model project for 6th grade Humanities teachers to implement Year 1. Project included authentic, community based issues and was CCSS aligned.   

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The Results: 

In part due to their compelling PBL offerings explanations, the Academy successfully received their charter and opened their doors in Fall 2019. The teachers began the school year equipped to implement PBL in the classrooms, with a complete library of off-the-shelf project plans and resources available for their use at any time.