Taking Professional and Student Learning Virtual

In the wake of COVID-19 schools are looking for ways to move professional and student learning to virtual spaces. Educators are asking important questions like ‘How do we continue to create engaging and rigorous learning experiences online?’ and ‘Can Project Based Learning be done virtually?’; School Leaders are asking ‘How do we continue to develop our teachers when we can’t be together?’; and parents are asking “How can I best help my child learn from home?”. As an expert in innovative teaching and learning, CraftED is here to work alongside schools, parents and organizations to continue to develop deeper learning, together.

With an expert by your side, e-learning is possible!

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An Expert in Online Learning:

Virtual School Development Coach

As a former School Development Coach for New Tech Network, Dr. Jenny Pieratt has several years of experience creating and facilitating virtual learning for teachers and instructional leaders across the U.S. From developing “badges” and learning paths for the Train the Trainer program, to creating self-paced PBL and leadership learning modules, to running meaningful and engaging meetings and trainings fully online; Jenny is well-versed in innovative technology tools and protocols to create interactive and collaborative virtual learning experiences that truly ‘model the model of PBL’. To learn more about the Experts of CraftED click HERE.

Experience taking PBL courses fully online for schools

With a rich background in curriculum design, in 2019 CraftED was sought out by K12 Schools to “white-label” the creation of seven PBL courses to move from “brick and mortar” schools to fully online learning experiences. To read case studies of custom curriculum design by CraftED click HERE.

Pre-existing (and successful!) PBL e-courses and virtual coaching

In 2018 CraftED was the first company to provide an online PBL Certification course. Since this launch CraftED built out an entire library of PBL e-courses (asynchronous) and virtual project coaching (synchronous). To read testimonials of these courses click HERE and to access the guide for school leaders on how to use these courses click HERE.


How CraftED can help:

  • Curriculum Development for online implementation of learning~ Click HERE to see how
  • Custom virtual Professional Development design and/or facilitation~ See below for workshop descriptions
  • Asynchronous Teacher training for project-based learning (PBL 101)~ See how schools are doing this HERE
  • Virtual project coaching for ongoing teacher support related to PBL
  • Creation and curation of trusted parent and teaching resources and curricula
  • Consultation services for districts and organizations
  • CraftED Classroom~ distance homeschooling office hours to help parents ensure their child is learning

Get Started Tomorrow!

To get started as early as tomorrow, email jenny@craftedcurriculum.com to set up a consultation.


New Virtual PD Workshops

CraftED offers live workshops on the topics below for faculty looking to improve their craft during COVID-19. These are practical workshops with specific resources and strategies for teachers to use, designed by an Expert in PBL and virtual learning. Teachers do not need to be familiar with PBL to gain knowledge and tools from these workshops, but it will prepare them with some small shifts should they be interested in pursuing PBL in the future. All workshops can be tailored to specific grade levels, district curricular requirements and community needs. 

Teaching 21st century skills in a virtual classroom (1-2 hours)

If you liked this article by Dr. Jenny Pieratt feature by Teaching Channel you are going to LOVE this workshop. We will do a deep dive on how we can continue to develop students in the areas of the 4Cs (collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking) in a virtual setting. Topics in this workshop include:

  • How to design meaningful tasks that elicit the 4Cs in a virtual classroom
  • Tech tools to support these tasks
  • How to scaffold and assess 21st century skills in a virtual classroom

*This workshop pairs with Keep it Real with PBL workbook and Dr. Jenny Pieratt’s NEW! On Your Feet Guide for Assessing PBL: A companion guide to “Keep it real with PBL”

Differentiating virtual learning (1-2 hours)

Meeting the needs of all students is challenging in a classroom setting, but it is especially challenging in a virtual classroom. This workshop is designed to help teachers think about how they might plan their week to address different learners interests and needs. Topics in this workshop include:

  • How to create open-ended tasks 
  • How to transfer best practices of formative assessment to e-learning 
  • How to set up a weekly schedule for differentiation 
  • How to work with support staff 
  • Systems and structures for supporting diverse student needs
  • Ideas for engaging high students 
  • Collaboration best practices in a virtual space 

*This workshop pairs with CraftED’s e-course “Differentiating PBL”.

PBL lite: Developing meaningful learning in a distance classroom (2-4 hours)

Creating engaging tasks is difficult in a virtual setting, which is why this workshop is so important. During this workshop we will discuss PBL-lite as a manageable framework for designing weekly learning in a virtual classroom. This workshop will explore: 

  • How to integrate science and social studies as Driving Standards 
  • How to leverage real-world issues for student learning
  • How to create, schedule, manage dynamic learning cycles (including assessment and feedback)
  • How to exhibit student products for an audience
  • How to leverage home and community as a resource for learning

Includes access to 4 free virtual learning mini-projects for teachers to adapt and run as early as next week! 

*This workshop pairs with “PBL Certification” e-course and aligned workbook 

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