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Project Based Learning (PBL) pushes us to use our creativity as educators, engaging students in fresh ways. I created CraftED as a hub to help the educational community bring PBL to classrooms. Today, teachers in over 27 states, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Israel, and Mexico have used my practical tips to creatively introduce PBL to their schools, regardless of structural or time constraints. It can be impactful at any level – in fact, we’ve worked with teachers from 14 different grade levels and have learned the best ways to adapt this model to a range of needs.

What is Project Based Learning?

Project Based Learning is an approach that uses real-world challenges to deepen a student’s understanding of an issue, dynamic, or theory. Not only does this prompt more student engagement with a particular topic, but it also strengthens the student’s general approach to problem-solving and collaborative work. In the PBL format, students are provided with a base of knowledge before being introduced to real-life situations that require the utilization of this knowledge. This student-centered approach to learning is endorsed by many learning professionals and can be deployed in a diverse range of topics including, mathematics, sciences, literature, theology, history, philosophy, and more. At CraftED, we have made it easy for teachers to take PBL principles and apply them to lessons, homework, group projects, curriculum design, and assessments.

If you’re ready to master Project Based Learning, I’m ready to help. Contact us today to get started.

CraftED Founder, Dr. Jenny Pieratt, PhD


How Does PBL Actually Work?

Our goal at CraftED is to help teachers become experts at Project Based Learning. Our curriculum is aligned with the Deeper Learning Competencies, Common Core, and Next Generation Standards.

We offer educators and administrators a wide range of training and tools to help them acheive the PBL goals they have set for their organinzations.  From PBL workshops, curriculum design, and even project based learning online courses, CraftED is here for as a PBL expert and resource.

Increase Engagement Through Real-World Applications

Project Based Learning encourages students to think about how what they are learning applies to a real-world setting. This connection can deepen a student’s interest in the content and make the content more memorable for future scenarios. By taking the lessons out of the classroom and into personal experience, we can help students become successful both inside and outside of a school environment.

Foster Collaborative Problem-Solving

When students work on projects in cross-functional teams, they develop communication skills, negotiation techniques, ethical foundations, and creative strategies. In addition, they learn how to appreciate their peers and navigate shared responsibility in a group setting. These skills are crucial to finding success in the workplace and in personal life. Project Based Learning can facilitate the type of collaborative engagement that produces original ideas and constructive thought environments.


Meet the Founder, Dr. Jenny Pieratt

How do you become an expert in PBL? You start with over a decade of classroom teaching experience, a doctorate in teaching and learning theory, and years successfully coaching teachers around the world. Inspired by her teachers’ struggles to implement deeper learning, Jenny created CraftED as a hub for the educational community to bring PBL to classrooms more easily. Her contagious enthusiasm is praised by teachers and administrators alike.


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“When I have teachers coming to me regularly asking for collaboration time with Jenny to help push their work further, I know that we are onto something good.”

Bryan Brockett, Ed. D. Principal, Aviara Oaks Middle School

“Jenny’s passion for developing professional learning opportunities that not only push your thinking and growth, but also empowering and inspiring, are contagious. I am a big advocate on starting with the “learner”, and moving backwards from there, and Jenny has shown a commitment to make that a focus in the experiences she is creating for those that she serves.”

George Couros, Author Innovator’s Mindset/p>

“Jenny deftly crafted custom curriculum, transforming DreamUp’s expertise in space-based data and images into cutting-edge, standard-compliant engaging STEM lessons. This unique final product is both easy-to-use for educators and exciting for students. Jenny was a joy to work with throughout the development process. We are eager to continue to collaborate with her to create more products to inspire and empower the next generation of innovators and engineers.”

Carie Lemack, CEO, Dream UP Space


Why Educators Love Us

Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered!

  • Workshops designed from a teacher’s perspective

  • Directly addresses & overcomes common challenges teachers face

  • Easy PBL planning strategies, resources, and time-saving tips

  • Learn PBL in convenient formats: workshops, e-courses, books & more

  • Simple ways to embed theory and best teaching practices into your classroom.

  • The FIRST series of teaching tools aligned to the Deeper Learning Competencies, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards

  • We make professional development FUN!

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We get it, just like our students, educators learn in individual ways.

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Featured Products

PBL On Demand

Learn the best, proven strategies to create PBL in your classroom from the comfort of your home.


PBL Planning Guide Books

Developed from my experience in the trenches of PBL over the past decade, this book will lead you through the planning process in a clear and efficient way!


The Home of Educational Breakthroughs

It’s not bragging if we can back it up! Read our Case Studies to see how CraftED makes PBL approachable and exciting for schools.

 Featured Case Study

Empowering Teachers to Bring PBL to Classrooms Faster

Empowering Teachers to Bring PBL to Classrooms Faster The School: Lake Elementary, Vista Unified School District The Challenge: The principal of Lake Elementary was eager to leverage the NGSS roll out and the rise of project-based learning [...]

Our PBL Services


Our project based learning workshops range from 90 minutes, up to a full 8-hour day. Some of our clients choose to offer a series of short workshops, while others provide a full day of focused learning for their staff. All of our PBL workshops align with the National Equity Project Experiential Learning Cycle, to ensure that participants are engaged and the experience is responsive to each context we serve.

In-person Coaching

Our in-person pbl coaching sessions grant teachers a chance to discuss PBL in a one-on-one setting. At CraftED, we tailor each session to small groups or individuals, and cover topics including differentiation, calendaring, designing reflection activities, project brainstorming, standards alignment, and sequencing.

Virtual PBL Coaching

We offer virtual project based learning coaching in conjunction with the CraftED’s PBL e-course and workshops. Through the use of collaborative online tools, we offer support on developing rich PBL curriculum plans, deliver feedback on existing projects, or suggest long-term planning strategy.

Speaking Engagements

We work directly with our clients to offer tailored presentations at schools and other educational institutions. Take a look at our topics here, or get in touch to craft a custom seminar with an expert PBL speaker.

Curriculum Design

Our on-call curriculum development support has helped several teachers and educational leaders incorporate Project Based Learning Curriculum into a range of subjects. We provide assistance with designing projects, conceptualizing the scope of an educational plan, and preparing resources to support each lesson.

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