Curriculum Design

Custom materials to get started with PBL!

While CraftED always encourages building teacher capacity to design curriculum, we understand that sometimes schools and companies simply need the projects or PBL curriculum maps developed for them.

You might need curriculum designed if you are:

  • Looking to take “brick and mortar” classes online through virtual learning
  • Opening a school and need charter approval
  • Have a large grant for curriculum materials, and you can’t find quality PBL materials that suit your needs
  • Looking for college approval of a PBL course description
  • A school leader with teachers in need of additional PBL support in the form of teaching materials

Custom Curriculum Starter Packs

Option 1

High Level

Pacing Guide or course descriptions for teachers to follow for the entire year. Includes: Themes, topics, standards, skills, Driving and Essential Questions, duration, assessment and student activity recommendations.

$4,000-$6,000 estimated

Option 2

Unit Conceptual Flow or Project Framework with learning progressions. Includes an overview of an individual project or problem-based unit (math, science) with recommended resources, texts, activities and assessments. .

$3,600-$5,000 estimated

Option 3

Step-by -step project plans with all materials to run the project . Includes student handouts, assessment tools, project launch plans, and guided activities.

$5,500-$6,500 estimated

We are the experts in PBL curriculum design, but don’t take our word for it-Check out this case study about custom curriculum design for an organization looking to take PBL online for the first time!

The process: How we build custom curriculum


Interested in hearing more?




Yes, because we are the experts in curriculum design we can build a project to suit your needs. Our initial consultation and co-development of a framework allows us to get to know your exact needs and then build a project that is tailored to your student demographic, location, design principles, and class structure.

You bet! We have done it for previous clients before COVID-19 -see one Case Study here. As experts in both PBL and virtual learning, we have the skillset to take PBL virtual to meet your exact needs.

Typically the process is about 4-6 depending upon the size of the project and how much back and forth correspondence is required between CraftED and the client.

We can develop a custom curriculum for math, science, ELA and Social Studies for grades k-12. CraftED works closely with a team of content experts and together Jenny and the content expert will co-develop a project to meet the needs of the client.

Typically when hired to develop custom curriculum for math or science, our team follows a Problem-based unit approach. To learn more about PrBL click here.

While CraftED provides high quality content and high-level edits to avoid grammatical or spelling errors, CraftED works closely with a professional Editor who can be subcontracted to line edit the material, at an additional cost.

NO! Everything we make is custom designed for the client’s needs.

Depending upon the client, we can design as much or as little as the client needs. Previous clients have requested that we design as much as “everything the teacher would need to run the project”, while others have said “we just need a pacing guide to follow for a PBL course and teachers will have the flexibility to make it their own”. Visit this case study to learn more about our curriculum work.

Yes! During our consultation we review your specific curriculum needs. If you provide the district requirements we can tailor your project to align with such mandates. Because our team are experts in the field, we are in schools and familiar with most leading curricula, programs and texts.