Curriculum Design

Custom materials to get started with PBL!

While CraftED always encourages building teacher capacity to design curriculum, we understand that sometimes schools and companies simply need the projects or PBL curriculum maps developed for them.

You might need curriculum designed if you are:

  • Looking to take “brick and mortar” classes online through virtual learning
  • Opening a school and need charter approval
  • Have a large grant for curriculum materials, and you can’t find quality PBL materials that suit your needs
  • Looking for college approval of a PBL course description
  • A school leader with teachers in need of additional PBL support in the form of teaching materials

Custom Curriculum Starter Packs

Option 1

High Level

Pacing Guide or course descriptions for teachers to follow for the entire year. Includes: Themes, topics, standards, skills, Driving and Essential Questions, duration, assessment and student activity recommendations.

$4,000-$6,000 estimated

Option 2

Unit Conceptual Flow or Project Framework with learning progressions. Includes an overview of an individual project or problem-based unit (math, science) with recommended resources, texts, activities and assessments. .

$3,600-$5,000 estimated