Project Based Learning 101

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with PBL!

Once you have decided to engage in project based learning, the flexible method of teaching that engages students as active learners and educators as facilitators, the world of learning bursts wide open in new ways. For my explanation of what PBL is and isn’t, please go here.

If you are a TEACHER looking for personal enrichment, please take a look at our books, workbooks, and on-demand e-courses. Each of these allow you to further your PD and learn what you’re seeking to know about PBL at your convenience, and within teacher budget. (Remember: we’ve been there!)

If you are an ADMINISTRATOR, the decision is typically driven by your district or school training budget. The general guidelines we offer are that if your budget is:

Learn about virtual teacher training


Your school is a great candidate for on-site, in-person training with Jenny and her team. We’ll come to you and calibrate your team on PBL, and walk you step-by-step through best practices, including developing projects for immediate use. Pricing includes copies of my comprehensive PBL guidebooks for all educators and access to a full library of members-only online resources for ongoing use and reference.


Give your entire staff access to our e-courses with a single, sitewide license to our full library of on-demand PBL training. Teachers can pick topics to study based on their interest, expertise and at their convenience, moving through at their own pace. Our e-courses are designed to SOLVE EDUCATOR PROBLEMS by being flexible, quick, and cost-effective. Our PBL Certification e-course is the exact training that we provide on-site, delivered in a video format. Bonus: Your team does not need to all be in one place at one time!

To add an element of in-person coaching, I offer virtual project coaching ($300/hr), building a project in front of team members – all interested staff are welcome to attend.