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Project Based Learning 101

Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with PBL!

Once you have decided to engage in project based learning, the flexible method of teaching that engages students as active learners and educators as facilitators, the world of learning bursts wide open in new ways. For my explanation of what PBL is and isn’t, please go here.

If you are a TEACHER looking for personal enrichment, please take a look at our books, workbooks, and on-demand e-courses. Each of these allow you to further your PD and learn what you’re seeking to know about PBL at your convenience, and within teacher budget. (Remember: we’ve been there!)

If you are an ADMINISTRATOR, the decision is typically driven by your district or school training budget. The general guidelines we offer are that if your budget is:


Your school is a great candidate for on-site, in-person training with Jenny and her team. We’ll come to you and calibrate your team on PBL, and walk you step-by-step through best practices, including developing projects for immediate use. Pricing includes copies of my comprehensive PBL guidebooks for all educators and access to a full library of members-only online resources for ongoing use and reference.


Give your entire staff access to our e-courses with a single, sitewide license to our full library of on-demand PBL training. Teachers can pick topics to study based on their interest, expertise and at their convenience, moving through at their own pace. Our e-courses are designed to SOLVE EDUCATOR PROBLEMS by being flexible, quick, and cost-effective. Our PBL Certification e-course is the exact training that we provide on-site, delivered in a video format. Bonus: Your team does not need to all be in one place at one time!

To add an element of in-person coaching, I offer virtual project coaching ($300/hr), building a project in front of team members – all interested staff are welcome to attend.

$1000 or less

Stretch your budget dollars while investing in your staff PD with our books, workbooks, individual e-courses and virtual project coaching. These materials are carefully designed to walk readers and viewers through the necessary steps to bring PBL to your classrooms.

PBL 101 Starter Packs

Option 1

“Crash Course in Calibrating PBL” workshop (1.5 hours), required PBL workbook = $1800 + $30/teacher for book + travel
(if applicable)

Option 2

“Crash Course in Calibrating PBL” workshop, required PBL workbook + follow up virtual video project coaching (project coaching is $300/hr and we do project coaching based on the project-so if an entire grade level builds a project together then they can all hop on the video call with us!)

Option 3

Site license e-course for PBL training for whole staff + PBL workbook + follow up virtual video project coaching. (e-courses run $199/teacher or $5,000 for a site license for up to 45 teachers)

PBL is a must-have for your PD programming-let’s make it happen! It’s always possible. Check out this case study about the PBL training we did… during a budget freeze!

Our company is designed to train educators of all grade levels and experience in what they need to know to make PBL a success – at any budget!


Not sure what you need?


“I participated in the PBL Certificate e-course and fell in love! Not only does it make PBL accessible and clear, it takes you step by step through the process of creating a PBL project. .. The course feels like taking a one-on-one class with her. I feel much more equipped and prepared to tackle PBL in my classroom!”

Daisy Calederon, 4th grade teacher, CA


What makes CraftED’s approach to PBL training different?2020-02-13T00:25:06+00:00

We have found that there’s a big difference between information about PBL and providing step-by-step training that educators can absorb and immediately put to use. CraftED combines international PBL expertise with experience in the classroom, for realistic, easily implemented training, tips, and guidance where PBL is concerned. Our training is designed to deliver both quality content and convenience. When we do in-person training, we can calibrate, troubleshoot, and quickly equip teachers with plans to go in and teach, instead of mere theory. And for schools on tighter budgets, thousands of educators have moved in a self-taught way through our popular e-courses, books and workbooks, because we make every effort to make PBL easy to understand. We specialize in clearing the path for anyone to become a highly trained PBL provider.

Why is CraftED better than other PBL training options?2020-02-13T00:25:55+00:00

We’re all for direct questions! Our trainings, books and courses are written from both the expert and teacher perspectives, so our users would tell you that we explain things clearly, in a way that saves confusion and saves time. Our products and trainings are highly customizable; whether we’re tailoring an in-person training to your school’s mandates and preferences or your educators are moving in a self-guided way through our variety of e-courses, we avoid a cookie-cutter approach to this highly nuanced area of education, while making it easy to do.

I am an educator and have never been trained in PBL. Where should I start?2020-02-13T00:26:22+00:00

We recommend you start with the Level 1 e-courses, which include PBL Certification and Brainstorming. They’re even a great refresher for people who are already familiar with PBL. Start with an e-course and grab the book we offer on that topic, and you’ll hit the ground running!

Is it really possible to accomplish quality PBL training through e-courses?2020-02-13T00:27:27+00:00

Yes! And that’s not just our opinion – as the thousands of educators who have already taken CraftED’s e-courses and emerged ready to bring PBL to their classrooms. Our e-courses offer the same content as our in-person training, in a convenient format for schools to employ. Your teachers can access the courses on their own schedule, at their convenience, and receive the same in-depth, carefully guided PBL training they would get in an in-person workshop.

Did you know? Teachers have also used CraftED’s PBL courses to guide their Professional Learning Communities by aligning the e-course topics to Problems of Practice. Get ideas and learn more HERE.

My state/school has new PBL requirements for teachers. Can CraftED help me comply?2020-02-13T00:27:55+00:00

Educators are under more pressure to bring PBL to classrooms – in some cases, legislatures are stepping in and demanding it. For example, the state of Indiana has already set new guidelines for teachers that they are now scrambling to meet!

The good news is that CraftED’s PBL courses are designed to make compliance convenient. While you may be required to learn it, our goal is to help you enjoy doing so. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know to bring PBL to your classroom successfully.

While CraftED does not offer extension units, we can work with local county offices and universities to arrange for professional learning credits.

What does PBL training look like? What should we expect, if we do in-person training?2020-02-13T00:28:24+00:00

As soon as you begin our courses or books, you will start to feel comfortable with PBL. However, for schools, the longer “arc of learning” can span anywhere from six months to three years to meet distinct goals or requirements.

THE PROCESS: If you choose to do in-person training at your school, we’ll begin with a leadership consultation that assures our personalized workshops will meet the unique needs of your staff.

Our core onsite workshop of PBL 1.0 is typically 4-6 hours; that can be broken up and scheduled around your time constraints. Teachers leave these highly interactive workshops with concrete initial project plans they have created during this step-by-step experience with PBL that can be put to immediate use.

We also offer an onsite workshop of Assessment 2.0, which is typically 2-6 hours. This can be an extension of day one’s PBL 1.0 or provided on a second day. As always, teachers leave with (assessment) tools and (implementation) plans. This workshop includes some individual project coaching to finalize their project plans and tools as well as a follow-up reflection and refinement workshop after teachers run the project, so teachers leave with a revised and improved project as well as a second project.

What is the difference between in-person coaching and your e-courses?2020-02-13T00:28:53+00:00

The PBL Certification course offers the exact same content as our in-person workshops and trainings. These PBL e-courses are viewable on demand, so you can stop, start, go back and more.

NEW!: We now offer sitewide licenses to our e-courses, which allow your entire staff – all grade levels and subjects – to access our popular e-courses and move through the topics of interest at their own pace.

In-person, onsite training is more tailored, adapting content and goals the specific staff. In this scenario, we have more time to explore the details of the project design process. We also offer time for teachers to actually implement the training steps and engage in discussion, to tailor their learning to their experiences. Onsite training also provides full access to CraftED experts to continuously answer questions as you go. These trainings also include copies of our guidebooks for your staff as well as access to our private online library of tools and resources.

How long does it take to be trained in PBL?2020-02-13T00:29:35+00:00

Project-based learning is a process of constant improvement; we are learning alongside our students. You can gain an elementary understanding of the basics of what is commonly understood as “PBL” within just hours. Check out our PBL 101 online course for just one example! We call this “PBL in your Pajamas” because it’s a digestible introduction to what you need to know to take your first steps with these exciting educational theories.

Onsite training is best implemented when it spans over a time period of 6 months to 3 years, so that there is opportunity for various touchpoints and reflection and refinement. Workshops run anywhere between 2 hours-6 hours and can be broken up as needed to work with your PD schedule

How do you customize PBL training?2020-02-13T00:30:05+00:00

We combine our internationally-renowned expertise in PBL practices with the unique factors of your school and staff composition to offer the industry’s leading customized PBL training.

With experience working on PBL implementation at every type of school – from elementary to high school, public, private and charter schools – even online schools – we are familiar with the specific needs for PBL to succeed in each content. We are also familiar with the standards and curricular adoptions that apply, so we can customize projects to meet your district mandates.

Let’s put it this way: after decades of teaching and presenting, we can read the room. Our process always begins with discovery and discussion prompts, so we can identify pain points around PBL and create a strategy for success.

While we have a proven method for teaching PBL, our workshops aren’t cookie-cutter. We use our process while continuously monitoring how attendees are responding, so we are always providing what the room needs to stay engaged and successful. We never just want your staff to leave the room “knowing” PBL; we want them to feel highly confident about their place in it.

For details of how we have customized our PBL training for various schools, please visit our CASE STUDIES!

We have limited time for Professional Development at my school. Can I still get my staff trained?2020-02-13T00:30:31+00:00

Absolutely! Our specialty is finding the right way to train teams under time and budget constraints. For example, we often break workshops into a series about building out projects and assessment tools. A schoolwide (or district-wide) license may also be a strong option for you, allowing your staff to engage in PD on the days and times most convenient to them (and you!)

My staff has been trained in PBL before, but we have new hires. What can we do?2020-02-13T00:30:59+00:00

We make it convenient to help individual teachers train or “catch up” with other staff that have trained with us or elsewhere. Our e-courses are the fastest way to align your staff, and are available for individual license or for a schoolwide site license to all of our online PBL e-courses.

“The PBL Certificate”, for example, is a great place for new hires to start, giving them a quick and budget-friendly way to get up to speed with their teaching teams. They can take this course on-demand, and it offers the exact same content as our in-person trainings for a fraction of that price.

We offer a much broader set of PBL courses, so if you are interested in training more than just a couple of staff members, a sitewide license to our PBL e-course library would provide a rich set of flexible training resources for educators of all levels of familiarity with PBL.

Our books offer additional training options for home self-study for those new to PBL, or those seeking a refresher!

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