Each e-course includes:

  • CraftED Curriculum-teaching tools and strategies to scaffold student learning within Project Based Learning. 

  • Reproducibles to help guide teacher planning.
  • Time-saving downloads for student use (k-12) within projects.
  • Links with additional resources to continue your learning on the most important topics of Project based Learning
  • Fully transcribed video content and handouts for note-taking.
  • Bonus FREE content that includes advanced topics for educators who are ready to go a step further!

  • +Alignment to CraftED’s onsite Project based Learning workshops and the Keep it Real with PBL (elementary and secondary) workbooks.
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  • Brainstorming Project Ideas, Level 1.0

    In less than one hour you will be ready to start building your project. This level 1 course will prepare you with a bank of final products, strategies for how to come up with project ideas, and resources for brainstorming. This level 1 course is designed to be taken as a precursor to the PBL Certification Course


  • The PBL Certificate (“PBL 1.0” and “Assessment 2.0”), Level 1.0

    This course consists of content from CraftED’s “PBL 1.0” and “Assessment 2.0” workshops, and focuses on the creation of one ideal project and assessment tools- walking through each of the phases of project based learning so that teachers have a sustainable process to follow each and every time they plan a project. Now includes an NEW! module on virtual learning!

  • PBL for Parents, Level 1.0

    Learn how to design meaningful learning for children at home. Wether you are a homeschool parent designing curriculum or a parent looking to enrich your child’s learning this summer, or to supplement virtual learning, this course can help you! Learn about PBL, how to plan projects and get access to tons of ideas and resources for PBL-lite at home.

  • Differentiation in PBL, Level 2.0

    This course was designed to share best practices in differentiated instruction that can work seamlessly with PBL. This course includes a variety of strategies for scaffolding student learning and project management that you can use TOMORROW.

  • Planning a Powerful Project Launch, Level 2.0

    This course builds off of the “PBL Certificate” e-course and consists of 5 lessons designed to walk you through each of the phases of an effective project launch to ensure that students are “hooked” and important structures are in place from day 1 of your project. Course materials include teacher lesson plans, student downloads, and links to learn more.

  • Exhibiting Project Work, Level 3.0

    In less than one hour you will be ready to take your projects to the next level by showcasing projects that you and your students can be proud of! This level 3 course, designed to be taken after the “PBL Certification” course, will explore how to curate work, prepare for the event, and develop a culture of excellence.


How schools are using these PBL e-courses:

  • Train an entire staff on PBL : Site licenses are available for a staff of up to 45 and provide unlimited access to all five PBL e-courses. Click HERE to access the e-course implementation guide for school leaders.


  • Differentiate teacher Professional Development: Schools and districts who are interested in modeling personalization have purchased these PBL online courses to help support individual teachers with their unique challenges and interests, while furthering the overall professional development of teachers at an affordable price.

  • PBL training for new hires: When new teachers are hired at a school that has previously invested in PBL training it can be difficult to continue full implementation of PBL. Rather than sending new hires off to a training by themselves, they can now get Project Based Learning Training in an easy and affordable way with these PBL e-courses.

  • As a supplement to onsite PD: If a staff is familiar with Project Based Learning but wanting to dive into more of the nuances of PBL, these PBL online courses have proven to move teachers further in their PBL practice, especially when aligned with a Problem of Practice.

  • For individual teachers looking to learn PBL: Because the price point is affordable, many individual teachers have purchased these PBL online courses to further their own development. The majority of these teachers have also used these PBL e-courses in tandem with project coaching or the purchase of Keep it Real with PBL, which provides a holistic approach to Project Based Learning Training for any teacher!

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What people are saying about these Online PBL Courses:

“ I am Assistant Professor of Education at a university, and I teach a course about PBL. Jenny’s PBL Certification training was a great way for me to stay up to date on the topic of PBL so that I can teach pre-service teachers about this approach. The format and modules were user-friendly and provided relevant information and also many examples!”

Brittany Straub, University Professor

“Jenny’s PBL course is phenomenal! As an exceptional children’s teacher, I truly loved that she addressed multiple approaches that encompass the whole child and not just the average learner. I’m a true believer in the growth mindset PBL promotes in schools and this program is everything you need to get the ball rolling! The opportunities for success are endless and these lessons break down each phase of learning with a direct and meaningful purpose.”

Holly Navo, Exceptional Children Teacher, North Carolina

“I participated in the PBL Certificate e-course and fell in love! Not only does it make PBL accessible and clear, it takes you step by step through the process of creating a PBL project. Furthermore, it offers many resources that are online and from Jenny Pieratt herself. What really sold me was her involvement in the e-course! It is not just a curriculum that you skip through, she is attentive to comments or concerns and answers any questions you may have! The course feels like taking a one-on-one class with her. I feel much more equipped and prepared to tackle PBL in my classroom! ”

Daisy Calderón, 4th grade teacher, CA

The PBL Certificate was a great course! I intend to continually refer back to the lesson modules as I create, modify and improve my own classroom PBL projects. Very worthwhile investment for such a useful resource and PD.

Asencion Reyes, Secondary Teacher, CA

I purchased this course yesterday and ended up completing it last night—Had a night to myself and was on a role— The way Jenny broke it up made it so easy to just keep moving forward. It was so helpful! I’m so glad I did this!

Jana Scott, elementary teacher, CA