Our Story

CraftED has some extraordinary DNA, which our administrators and educators tell us they can feel when we work with them:

CraftED founder Dr. Jennifer Pieratt began her career as a classroom teacher. Her insight into the challenges modern teachers face, combined with her years of expertise as a School Development Coach, have led her to be a leading international voice in PBL implementation. Highly familiar with the challenges her fellow teachers faced in successfully adopting best practices of PBL, she set out to offer a different approach to PBL – one that was clear, easy to adopt, and sustainable. You can learn about her approach to PBL in her award-nominated books or her published publications and interviews. Leveraging her own classroom experiences and her experience as a PhD in Education, Jenny developed CraftED Curriculum as a professional service and product suite that would meet every teachers’ needs. Today, CraftED offers nimble, progressive, and action-oriented guidance to make bringing PBL to the classroom an inspiring and CONVENIENT mission for teachers of any grade level, all over the world. To read about her success as a business owner click here.