Project: Elementary “Human Impact: Global to Local”

Project: “Human Impact: Global to Local”

Grade: 6th Grade

Content Areas: NGSS: Earth Science, engineering ELA: informational reading, writing, Speaking and listening

Enduring Understanding: Humans impact the earth, and although the impact is large we can make a small difference  

Final Product: Prototype and proposal for a solution to a global environmental problem, photo essays for local community organization display

Culminating Experience: How can we understand the impact humans are making on our global community, so that we can positively impact our local community?

Driving Question: How can we apply our knowledge of the CA missions to make recommendations to improve the sustainability of an existing community?

Communicating Experience: Put work on display at City Council Hall. Feedback on prototype and proposal from “end-users”


  1. Social Studies background on CA Missions
    -mission research
  2. Energy, Human Impact -Mystery Science
  3. Innovators Case Study 4. “Community Research” 5. Recommendations and Design Sprint


  1. Human impact on the earth (deforestation, population, emissions/fuel, pollution)
  2. How is our community responding? -view models (City environment dashboard and local organizations)
  3. What else/new can we do? -Design Thinking framework to design a NEW solution to the problem

To download this project overview click here: Elementary_Global to Local