Project: Elementary “Rethinking the traditional CA Mission Project”

Project: “Rethinking the traditional CA Mission Project”

Grade: 4th Grade

Content Areas: CA Social Studies 4.2.4-.6
NGSS PS4-1, ESS2-2, ESS3-1, ESS3-2
ELA W4.7, W4.8,W4.9, W4.2

Enduring Understanding: We can learn about creating sustainable communities from the simple life style of CA mission systems.

Final Product: Prototype and written proposal with recommendations for improved sustainability for a specific community.

Culminating Experience: Share with outside audience or end-user for feedback

Driving Question: How can we apply our knowledge of the CA missions to make recommendations to improve the sustainability of an existing community?


  1. Social Studies background on CA Missions
    -mission research
  2. Energy, Human Impact -Mystery Science
  3. Innovators Case Study 4. “Community Research” 5. Recommendations and Design Sprint


  1. Mission research-Point of View of many Poetry (re: daily life )
  2. Science Lab Notebook
  3. Innovator Profile, Caricature 4. Infographic 5. Prototype and Write-up

To download this project overview click here: Elementary_ CA mission