Project: Elementary “Create A Creature”

Project: “Create A Creature”

Grade: 3rd

Content Areas: NGSS LS4-2, LS4.3, LS2.c, W3.7, W3.8, W3.4, W3.3B, W3.5, W3.6

Enduring Understanding: Animals can only survive in certain conditions/environments

Final Product: 2 voice poetry recording, or mixed-up animal art & story

Culminating Experience: Exhibition event with community

Driving Question: How does an environment impact a species?

Benchmarks/ Deliverables: 

  1. “Animals through time” mystery science lesson
  2. Additional challenges to survival/daily life (adaptation) Adventures of Marco and Polo Mixed up animal fun/art
  3. Animal Research in choice groups
  4. Compare and contrast with partner
  5. Mystery Science unit assessment
  6. Create and explain mixed up animal in Chatterpix video 3
  7. Research notes
  8. Venn diagram

To download this project overview click here: Grade 3_Create A Creature