PBL Training and PD for an Entire District Staff In A Budget Freeze

Client: Vista Innovation and Design Academy https://www.vida.vistausd.org/, California 

The Challenge:

When its District froze budgets, Vista Innovation and Design Academy found itself suddenly restricted in what it could do for its staff’s Professional Development. Unable to travel to workshops, it needed a budget-friendly training solution that would enable it to still offer PBL training to a large, mixed middle schools staff with varying levels of familiarity with the practice.

The Solution:

To meet the individual needs of a large school staff with varying understandings of PBL, we first needed to calibrate the staff. In order to honor the school’s budget, we devised a path using CraftED e-courses, which would allow educators to experience high quality training at a significantly reduced cost, with the added convenience of studying topics of interest on demand at their convenience.

I then:

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The Result

Vista’s educators were able to study PBL with the shared language of the e-courses, which naturally calibrated them. Every single teacher used the CraftED courses, studying topics of interest at the pacing right for them individually. As an added bonus, CraftEd’s inspiring e-courses also united the teaching staff: they used meeting and planning time to move through courses together, providing a Professional Development experience for a fraction of traditional training.