Designing an Organization’s First Custom Curriculum

Client: Dream UP (, National, based in Denver 

The Challenge:

Dream UP’s talent for providing teachers and students with opportunities to engage in space research with actual scientists was earning attention, and organizations were beginning to request curriculum. When the National Stem Cell Foundation (NCSF) approached them, Dream UP needed experts to work with their scientists to develop a custom teacher education curriculum that would align with their space research.

The Solution:

To build such a specific, important curriculum, we first built a team of scientists/NGSS experts to work alongside our handpicked team of PBL advisors. 

We then:

  • Coordinated stakeholder priorities. We communicated with all involved parties to assure that the final project would satisfy their hopes and requirements.
  • Met desired timelines. With the right team in place, we were able to work responsively and adaptively to deliver a complete, detailed curriculum in record time.  
  • Created a ready-to-use curriculum. The custom curriculum was formatted to the preferred lesson plan format of the teaching program. 
  • Provided a valuable template. The curriculum we developed could be used by the clients each year for new teachers, in different classrooms. 

The Results: 

CraftEd delivered an entire customized unit of study, white labeled for Dream Up and the university, overseen by NSCF, that met all parties’ needs while providing important opportunities for repeated use in the many years to come. 

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“Jenny deftly crafted custom curriculum, transforming DreamUp’s expertise in space-based data and images into cutting-edge, standard-compliant engaging STEM lessons”

CEO, DreamUP