Project: Secondary “Hybrid Mash-Up”

Grade level: 6th–8th, with extensions for 9th–10th

Content areas covered: ELA with integration opportunities in science, digital media, and art

Total time: 6–12 hours

Learning targets: Deeper Learning competencies: Master core academic content (d, e, f, g, h), Think critically and solve complex problems (e, h), Work collaboratively (a)

Standards: CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.8.3, W-3a, W-3b, W-3c, W-3d, W-3e, W-4, W-5

Experience snapshot: Students will begin by analyzing various examples of hybrids, and then differentiate between hybrids (that involve crossbreeding via sexual reproduction) and mashups (the combination of two unlikely things). Students will then be asked to create a mashup, a fictional short story that uses narrative techniques to describe what happens when content concepts are applied to unrelated, real-world contexts. Through writer workshops and peer reviews, students will create a high quality piece of writing to publish. This lesson is best done at the end of a unit or project, once students feel confident with content and are ready to apply it in non-routine ways.

To download this project overview click here: Secondary_Hybrid Mash-Up