Project: Elementary “What’s to know about Weather”

Project: “What’s to know about Weather”

Grade: 3rd

Enduring Understanding: Weather impacts our life and it is important for us to understand it for our safety

Final Product: Create an audition video for The Weather Channel KIDS! using a Green Screen

Driving Question: Why is it important for us to understand the weather around us? How can we as young scientists help our community make safe choices to prepare for inclement weather?

Benchmarks/ Deliverables: 

  1. Weather background, vocabulary, Mystery Science option: Explain Everything diagram with vocabulary
  2. Research on local weather issues: Infographic for community location TBD
  3. Storyboard and script for video

To download more information on The Weather Channel KIDS! audition click here: Weather Channel Project Guidelines Weather Channel Project Entry Event Weather Channel Project Entry Event

Thanks to Rob Cheshire of Hays Consolidated Independent School District in Austin, Texas for the attachments!