Ancient Civ in our Community: Egypt to Encinitas 

Project: “Ancient Civ in our Community: Egypt to Encinitas ”

Grade: 6th Grade

Content Areas: CA Social Studies: 6.2.1-2, 6.2.3-.6 CCSS ELA: W6.7-W6.9, Math 6GA.2, GA.4

Enduring Understanding: Ancient civilizations have lasting impact.

Final Product: 3-d Model

Driving Question: What might it be like if Egypt intersected Encinitas?

Communicating Experience: Encinitas Expo


  1. Explain everything of map to show influences of geography and key terms
  2. Thinkglink or Glogster to label elements of society shown in pyramid
  3. Graphic organizer past to present
  4. Diagrammed blueprint (with non-negotiables)
  5. Encinitas Expo


  1. Geogrpahical influences of Egypts’ story (location, Nile, farming, trade)
  2. Architecture as a look into society (Pyramids, social and political structures) -Google Earth and virtual field trip
  3. What does this look like in our community? -research social and political structure -guest speakers
  4. Compare and contrast Egypt and Encinitas architecture and social/political structures
  5. Prototoype and explanation

To download this project overview click here: Elementary_ancient civilization