Project: Elementary “Storm Drain Troopers” 

Project: “Storm Drain Troopers”

Grade: Kindergarden

Content Areas: NGSS ESS 3-3 CCSS ELA (info, opinion write) CCSS math-charting, counting

Enduring Understanding: Outside influences impact our natural surroundings

Final Product: PSA for school broadcast, video “chronicles”

Culminating Experience: Share on school broadcast, school Instagram page

Driving Question: How can we help our environment by being STORM DRAIN TROOPERS?!

Benchmarks/ Deliverables: 

  1. Waste, recycle, big picture -launch with “I love a clean San Diego” guest speaker
  2. Local problem of the ocean -make a bridge for students to storm drain connection -surfride foundation guest speaker
  3. Follow the trash mission -field work to visit and take pictures
  4. Video preparation (in groups) -Call to Action
  5. Science journal
  6. Problem/mission statement and class flow chart to follow the trash
  7. Photo captions or Chatterpix
  8. Storyboard, CTA statement

To download this project overview click here: Kindergarden_Storm Drain Troopers