Powerful, Custom PBL Teacher Training at a Cost-Efficient Price Point

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  • The Challenge:

    This religious school wanted to improve the quality of their PBL implementation-they identified that they would need a more customized PBL training than they had received in the past-one that would successfully address their unique faith-based curriculum and community. Furthermore, all PBL work would need to be aligned with and placed on the Alt School Platform. Cookie-cutter workshops were not an option because they had to make their projects fit into a pre-existing platform, but how would they achieve customized training on a limited budget?

  • The Solution:
    CraftED is committed to helping schools adapt PBL to their platform and district curriculum, regardless of the challenges in doing so. To enable teachers to receive follow-up support within the school’s budget, we offered Virtual Project Coaching. During teacher prep periods, CraftED was available, via video conference call, to assist them in planning their next projects. Leveraging collaborative technologies (such as GoogleDrive), we collaborated with teachers in real-time and also used GoogleDrive to share resources they could use in planning their next steps

  • The Results:

    • In just 3 hours of virtual coaching we were able to help the school’s teachers plan a project start to finish, including the key steps of brainstorming, developing a project calendar, and establishing some teacher and student assessment tools. 
    • Project plans were completely customized to the local community and also easily uploaded to the Alt School Platform. 
    • Teachers had “face time” with a PBL expert at a fraction of in-person coaching costs.
    • The engagement was such a success that CraftED was immediately hired back to do so with three additional grades!

    “Jenny is all in! To put it simply, Jenny will save you countless hours of time and elevate your PBL to another level. She will meet you and your team wherever you are at in the PBL process and help streamline you to most effectively meet your objectives. I’ve taught in both public and private schools in all areas of ability at the elementary and middle school level and am confident Jenny would strengthen teams at any school environment regardless of the school demographics. She provides you with so many valuable resources that make executing and implementing your project so much simpler ! I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny last summer and fell in love with her contagious energy and passion  for creating unique learning opportunities for students. I was not surprised that her talents transferred to us via our most recent Virtual Project Coaching.” Julie Howell, 2nd grade teacher at Kohelet Yeshiva, an Alt School in Philadelphia, PA.

    “Jenny is an expert in PBL, but just as importantly she is a master teacher.  She helped diverse teams of teachers (from multiple grades and subject areas including Judaic Studies and Hebrew language) develop projects in line with our learning principles, Altitude Learning (our LMS) and our continua of skills and milestones.  All of us grew to the next steps in our practice and understanding of PBL and we also all grew from the experience Jenny as our “teacher” and her modeling excellent instructional practice. We have continued our relationship past our two full days together, almost a year ago.  She continues to consult and meet with teaching teams to help them develop their new projects.”Becky Troodler, Director of Schools at Kohelet Yeshiva, an Alt School in Philadelphia, PA.

“Over the past two school years, Jen has provided targeted Project Based Learning support to my Transitional Kindergarten-5th grade teachers as they developed two PBL units at each grade level. Teachers were challenged to delve into their grade level standards to create unique, challenging projects that connected to our school’s environmentalism focus. The products were outstanding!

Jen also supported me as the school leader through targeted feedback regarding where my support for teachers was most needed. Our school has transformed over the past two years and Jen’s consultation was instrumental in that transformation.”

-Tina Howard, Principal, Buena Vista Elementary Carlsbad Unified School District