I’m so excited to launch the first EVER 20 Day PBL challenge on May 1st! I hope every day of the challenge gets you one step closer to summer, while keeping your teaching fresh and students engaged. Below are all of the resources you will need to participate. Be sure to invite your friends to join and comment/like/post pictures each day on Instagram to win a PBL care package {PBL Pep Talk card deck, PBL Parent Quick guide, PBL workbook and 30 min FREE coaching session with Jenny} .






Day 1- Create a PBL Know/Need to Know Chart  

…to drive student inquiry and engagementCheck out this resource to help you out: http://bit.ly/2DxTOd1




Day 2- Find your PBL peeps

Connect on Twitter and Instagram using these hashtags: #pblchat #HQPBL and follow some rockstar PBL teachers:  @TobiaBrooke @missnunnenkamp @PBLLAB #findyourtribe


Day 3-Try the Question Formulation Technique

A great way to launch your project or structure student inquiry for any lesson or unit

How does it work with PBL?: https://rightquestion.org/resources/integrating-the-question-formulation-technique-in-pbl-through-the-launch/

What is the QFT: http://www.ibmidatlantic.org/Experiencing-the-QFT.pdf


Day 4-Get your learn on!

Be a learner! Run a lesson on a topic that you had to learn about to plan the lesson!


Day 5- Try a Visible Thinking Routine

These are a great daily tool for helping students to think critically, for any project!



Day 6-Try a discussion protocol

These are a great scaffold for collaboration, which is a big part of PBL



Day 7-Be reflective

PBL requires a great deal of self reflection. Think back to your day-what is one thing you will differently tomorrow? Let the PBL Pep Talk Card Deck help: https://craftedcurricu.staging.wpengine.com/product/pbl-inspiration-cards/


Day 8-Make a SCRUM board in your classroom

…to manage student work.

Learn how: https://www.edelements.com/blog/scrummize-your-classroom




Day 9-Have students create a group contract

…to make group work more effective.

Learn more here: https://www.teachingchannel.org/video/group-contracts-ntn





Day 10-Sign up to join the Share Your Learning campaign here:

Learn about students sharing their work and  https://www.shareyourlearning.org/ #shareyourlearning @shareyourlearning


Day 11-Find an existing project for your grade level.

Think about how you might modify it to personalize it to yoru students and community. Check these out:





Day 12-Consider how you can foster a classroom culture of critique

Watch the short video “Austin’s Butterfly” and reflect on how might you build a culture of critique through peer feedback, drafts, and fostering student agency in your classroom?



Day 13-Learn about HQPBL

Check out the website-Does an idea resonate with you from the HQPBL framework? how might you commit to ONE tenant of quality in your curriculum design? What is a goal you have for QUALITY pbl?




Day 14-Get clear on your why

Watch this Simon Sinek video and think about -what’s your why? How might PBL help you get to your why?



Day 15-Keep your NTKs alive!

Come back to your K/NTK chart with students and/or revisit group contracts.


Day 16-Ask for student input.

PBl requires student voice and choice so try asking your students to complete a survey or give you feedback in an exit ticket on how they are experiencing something in your class.


Day 17 –Sign up for and share CraftED’s PBL newsletter,

Monthly dose of PBL passion in our inbox-filled with tips and tools to save you time and energize your classroom, and share it with a friend! https://craftedcurricu.staging.wpengine.com/


Day 18-Make a PBL summer reading list!

A few of my favorite books are:





Day 19-Try a PBL brainstorming protocol with a colleague

or maybe even Critical Friends turning protocol:



Day 20-Make a PBL mantra!

PBL is hard (but rewarding!) work. It’s important to remember that in PBL you are a designer of your curriculum, a true craftsman. Make a mantra for yourself “I am empowered!” “I am a master of my craft” “I am a PBL unicorn!” “hard work is meaningful work!”

Check out my #pblpeptalk cards to help with this! https://craftedcurricu.staging.wpengine.com/product/pbl-inspiration-cards/