Summer Enrichment Activities

And on the 9th day of Summer…the kids said “I’m bored” for the last time! If you are a parent looking for ideas to keep your kids productively busy below is a list of options for my children to visit every time the ‘b-word’ approaches their lips.  You will notice that I divide up the options into three categories: what they can do alone, what they can do with an adult and what they can do with technology [see below picture]. My hope is that I can continue to develop their agency and independence with these fun summer activity options that they can do alone. In our home I try to limit use of technology as much as possible-especially after additional screen time required by distance learning this past Spring-so these will remain as optional “treats” over the course of the summer. In an effort to continue to teach them digital citizenship, I intentionally created technology options for them that are somewhat educational and don’t require a ton of supervision. These ideas are all in the wheelhouse of PBL-lite and could be easily built out into project ideas for learning in the fall or enrichment learning this summer.

Pbl Ish Ideas 2020

Activities without an adult

  • Create an “at-home” restaurant dining experience for your family. You might include a menu, recipes, grocery shopping list.
  • Start a dog-walking service/business for your neighborhood
  • Do a sidewalk chalk mural or a surprise art installation in a friend’s driveway
  • Learn new songs on your keyboard via youtube
  • Create a Nerf gun shooting range/course
  • Collect and paint rocks and put together an art installation to share with the neighborhood
  • Create a bike scavenger hunt for friends
  • Make and sell COVID-care items on your Etsy shop
  • Create a miniature golf course in the house/backyard
  • Collect a wildflower bouquet from the neighborhood
  • Collect and create a mini-succulent garden
  • Set up a campsite in the backyard and have a camp-out
  • Have a car wash
  • Create a coordinate a cooking show with friends
  • Make jewelry for friends, family
  • Create a race track out of recycled materials
  • No-bake recipes (ie., trail mix, protein balls)
  • Create a recipe-in-a-jar (I stole the idea from HERE)

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Activities with an adult

  • Baking (I’m excited to check THIS out!)
  • Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Skateboard the boardwalk
  • Create, innovate new face masks
  • Nature hikes

Img 0068

Tech Treats

  • Use Chatterpix to bring something to life in our house
  • Design your own trading cards
  • Manage the dog account on Instagram
  • Create your own private youtube channel
  • Create a kids guide to our community that could be used for visitors
  • Create a giving campaign
  • Design a postcard on Canva and mail to friends, family
  • Record a “Luxury home living”episode with your cardboard home design for a squishamallow
  • Create a Thinglink with a picture of a favorite memory, sports breakdown or a favorite place
  • Create a COVID-19 phonebook on Shutterfly that captures how our family grew
  • Write a summer RV kids recommendation blog

More good stuff

And in case you missed it, HERE is a list of PBL-ish ideas for parents that I shared last summer on social media. And be sure to check out my other parents resources: