Keep It Real With PBL Book Club

Are you looking to go deeper in your personal PBL learning? Well then rally your colleagues to engage in the #KeepitrealwithPBL book club. Here is how you can participate: 

  1. Order your copy of “Keep it real with PBL” TODAY!
  2. Knock out a chapter of reading every few days, or have your PLC make a reading schedule. 
  3. Chat with your colleagues at your site about the questions.   

It’s that easy! And be sure to share with the CraftED Community on social media. 

Chapter 1

What is your why for Project-based Learning?

How do YOU define PBL?

Ch 1

Chapter 2

What does being a PBL facilitator mean to you?

What, if any, shifts will you need to make to become a PBL facilitator?

Ch 2

Chapter 3

What will be your project brainstorming process? How might this process push your thinking?

Ch 3

Chapter 4

What project “red flags” resonated with you?


Chapter 5

What does “voice and choice” mean to you?

Ch 5

Chapter 6

What’s worth assessing, to you?

How was your thinking about assessment challenged in this chapter?

Ch 6

Chapter 7

How will you engage students in the process of assessment?

What does assessments for learning (rather than of learning) in PBL mean to you?

Ch 7

Chapter 8

How will you manage the PBL process?

What is the value of the Project Launch?

Ch 8