So what’s this badging business all about?

Micro-credentialing has become the new promise of personalization in schools. This concept, initially originated in the tech industry by Mozilla, offers digital badges to show mastery of skill-sets of interest to future employers. With the launch of Digital Promise’s badges, the field of education is catching on to the growing trend. Those on board suggest that badging can foster life-long learners in our students. And these aren’t just specific to students, teachers are finding that micro-credentials can be a more personalized way to go about professional development, as well.

The biggest news comes out of the recent U.S. conference of Mayors, in which mayors across our country agreed to “supporting the adoption of LRNG digital badges as valid credentials for workforce development, employment, financial aid and higher education.”


We want to play too!

This summer San Diego launched LRNG’s badging platform. With our Make and Take Challenge conducted at the Anchor Organization for this initiative, we figured it a perfect marriage! CraftED’s playlist is now live, here are the highlights: LRNG badge PNG

  • 10 hours of developing your craft, related to Maker Education
  • 3 digital experiences (what LRNG calls Digital XPs), similar to a self-paced tutorial where you can learn on your own time at home. Topics include:
    • Developing a Maker Mindset in your students
    • Setting up your MakerSpace
    • Background on the Maker Movement in schools
  • 3 in person experiences (what LRNG calls Local XPs), all held at Fab Lab.
    • Make and Take Challenge (offered again in the fall)
    • Tinker Time (offered in summer and fall)
    • Be a Maker (we want you to get out and have some fun too-go try out a class at Fab Lab and put yourself in the shoes of a learner.)
  • Do all the above and earn the digital badge: Maker Educator

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.02.00 AM



We hope you join the #pdrevolution and get involved. Badge participants save money on your event registration for the 3 local XPs, as well!