It’s that time of year-the end is in sight, but not yet in reach. Quarter grades and progress reports are due, parent-teacher conferences are upon us, and end-of-year responsibilities are creeping closer. These are the times we need a PBL pep talk. Read on for ideas on how to stay inspired and inspiring!  

10 Ways to Stay Inspired

1: Ahhhh break out!- In PBL learning has real-world connections, which means it can happen any time, any where; so get outside the walls of your classroom! Learn more HERE.

2: Get your swag on- Sign up to join the Share Your Learning campaign and commit to having your students share their work with an authentic audience. I promise they will inspire you!

3. Surprise yourself- I like to leave daily notes of encouragement sprinkled along the course of my day-on my desk {LIKE THIS}, on my dresser, in a book, and in the sun visor of my car-they are gentle reminders to step back from the grind, practice gratitude, and clear some space to let inspiration in!  

4. Make time to reflect- Sometimes when we are so “in the thick of things” it’s hard to think straight. I notice when I make time to  journal it gives me clarity that I need to get my creative juices flowing again. 

5. Look in unordinary places for project ideas – Project ideas are all around you- start looking beyond your typical places. Maybe on your spring break vacation, at the baseball fields, or a neighborhood walk. I share my daily PBL ideas HERE. 

6. Find your tribe- I have started connecting with many teachers recently on Instagram by following a few fun hashtags (#teachersfollowteachers and #teachersofIG)-the energy is contagious. Find your tribe -follow, ask questions, comment and “like”- it makes me feel about ten years younger 😉 

7. Be curious- Ask questions more often…and more importantly, change up who you are asking!  

8. Come back to your passions- If you are feeling stuck in a rut come back to what you love and find ways to integrate that into your next project. Your passion will excite your students and bring the buzz!

9. Keep kids at the core- It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all that’s going on this time of year. Focus on that ONE student…you know which one-the one that reminds you why you became a teacher.

10. Spread the PBL love Try out the challenge from this month’s newsletter (and if you haven’t signed up, sign up NOW!). The more you inspire others, you will continue to stay inspired!