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Personality: Reflective

Super Agent Profile

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3 page strategy to collectively define the traits of a Super Agent and develop a classroom visual.


Deeper Learning Competency Spotlight
Learn how to learn (e, i)
Develop academic mindsets (a, c, h, i, j)

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The What
Constructing a super agent profile is an opportunity for teachers and students to collectively identify the qualities, demeanors, habits, and skill sets of deeper learners. Together, teacher and students will create a set of expected qualities and behaviors for student success that will ultimately conclude with the development of a visual (anchor chart/poster) for student reflection.

The Why
Developing this list and visual as a class is critical for student ownership. When terms or expectations are simply handed to students, they lose an opportunity to analyze a concept’s origins and understand its relevance to their life. Having an ideal (super agent) student in mind helps create a common classroom understanding of what each student should strive for. A co- constructed visual also provides a concrete resource for a term or idea that may otherwise be abstract, especially for younger students.



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