Group Research: weSEARCH


5 page strategy for group research projects. Includes 2 student reproducibles and all teacher moves.


This 5 page strategy supports collaborative research projects. Included in this purchase are 2 student handouts-one graphic organizer and one project description sheet. Teacher moves and extension options are also provided.

The What
The weSEARCH paper is a derivative of the iSearch paper, which is written by an individual in the rst person. Its purpose is to document the writer’s research process as he or she attempts to answer a question. Similarly, the weSEARCH paper is a process that takes a small group of students through ve stages. These stages require group members to collectively identify a research question, collect data, establish methods and resources, and share and collectively analyze their ndings. For more about the iSearch paper, visit CraftED Curriculum’s Pinterest board: Inquiry-led research, Inquiry-based learning ( inquiry-led-research-inquiry-based-learning/).

The Why
There is great power in collaboration, as it is through this process that students learn from their peers and co-construct new knowledge. Although collaboration has the potential to lead to deeper learning, it does not guarantee it. Without clear expectations and structures, students can end up delegating tasks without learning from one another. The process of writing the weSEARCH paper helps ensure that all students equally participate and intellectually engage with their group’s research process.

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