Lesson: Energy and Sharks- Demystifying Shark Behavior

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NGSS fully integrated inquiry and design project on shark behavior and energy for Science I.


Grade Level: 9-10, NGSS Integrated Science I
Content Areas Covered: Science, ELA, Math, Multimedia
Total Time: 26-34 hours
Learning Targets: 
Deeper Learning Competencies:
Master core academic content (a–h)
Think critically and solve complex problems (a–h)
Work collaboratively (a–d)
Communicate effectively (a–f)
Learn how to learn (b, e, k)
Develop academic mindsets (b, c)

CCSS-ELA (RST.11-12.1, WHST.9-12.7 , WHST.11-12.8, WHST.9-12.9 , SL.11-12.5)
CCSS-Math (MP.2, MP.4, HSN-Q.A.1, HSN-Q.A.2, HSN-Q.A.3)
CA SS: Chronological and spatial thinking, 1-4, Historical research, evidence, and point of view, 4 , Historical interpretation, 5
VAPA: 2.3 Assemble and display objects or works of art as a part of a public exhibition, 2.6 Present a universal concept in a multimedia work of art that demonstrates knowledge of technology skills.

Experience Snapshot:
Students will engage in a multi-part inquiry-based project that relates to the phenomenon of electromagnetic (EM) energy, both of the Earth and of living organisms. Students will determine how sharks’ organs and human-created instrumentation can detect electromagnetic energy. They will consider the driving question, “How does electromagnetism play a role in how sharks and humans interact and how does this interaction affect their relationship and ecology?”

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Real-World Work

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