Collaborative Feedback

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This is a universal strategy for facilitating peer feedback.


This 4 page strategy walks through the 12 steps needed to facilitate meaningful peer feedback on any piece of student work. Both teacher moves and student moves are explained. Suggested sentence frames are provided for this exercise. Extension ideas are suggested and align to the following standards: CCSS ELA W-5, NGSS ETS1

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Foundational Strategies


Student Collaboration

Additional Information

Deeper Learning Spotlight
Work collaboratively (a)
Learn how to learn (a, e, k, l)
Develop academic mindsets (a, b, c, f, g)

Target Audience
Grades: K–12
Content areas: All

The What
This is a universal strategy for facilitating peer feedback. Using targeted warm and cool feedback, students will help their peers improve the quality of their work. Students will then identify which feedback is most useful and, based on it, generate goals for improving the next draft of their work.

The Why
Peer feedback increases ownership and overall quality of student work. It teaches students that their work can improve with increased effort and support from others. However, giving feedback is a skill that most students have not yet developed. Because of its value, peer feedback is a skill we must explicitly teach.


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