Grade Level: K-3 4-6
Personality: Reflective

Agency Station

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1 strategy for setting up your Agency Station and 4 classroom posters.


Deeper Learning Competencies:
Learn how to learn (a, c-e, j-k)

Content Areas:


The What
An agency station serves as a physical resource for students. In this secluded and comforting space, students can use resources provided to reflect and reset when they are o track. An agency station can feature visual prompts, reflective exercises, and additional reference resources.

The Why
One of the outcomes identified by Hewlett’s Deeper Learning Competencies is that students will “learn how to learn.” A self-aware learner needs to be able to identify when they have lost focus or face a challenge that is difficult to overcome. An agency station serves as a reflective space where students can develop ownership over their learning and take steps toward leveraging resources to work through whatever challenge they face.

This bundle of resources includes the following:
-A step-by-step guide for setting up the space identified as an Agency Station in your classroom (2 pages)
-a step-by-step guide for how to prepare your students to interact with and leverage this space (1 page)
-Suggested resources and reflection strategies to include in your space
-1 Super Agent poster for reflection
-2 posters for Agency Station norms for behavior (one blank for personalization)
-1 process poster to prompt students when using this space
-CraftED Curriculum User Guide


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